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HP Hyper-Wall

I was just introduced to HP’s hyper-wall touch screen technology at the HP Innovation Lab. We loaded a large CARBON image and dove into it  through swipes and pinches. The lab also had an early proto-type of the Leap Motion sensors. Exciting stuff, researching possibilities for the ‘Nodes’ project. More news on this as it … Continue reading

CARBON ‘Nodes’

CARBON ‘Nodes’ > First comment. I’m in Silicon Valley developing the concept, technology and funding for a large scale interactive art work. This screen based project will exist in multiple international locations at once, with real time networking allowing viewer’s inputs from each location to affect the art in the other locations simultaneously. A companion … Continue reading



Testing the Floating Brain Instrument

Asteroid Mining

Something to make geologists smile… theverge.com

Kentridge in Praise of Shadows

A wonderful lecture with William Kentridge @ Harvard speaking about Plato, shadows and his own working methods, which includes ‘disempowering the question’ and ‘creating a safe space for uncertainty.’ in praise of shadows

Wipe Out, Dr. Joy, William Gibson

Roller blade wipe out, 7 stitches, Dr. Joy, William Gibson. First roller blade run of the spring, headed up Manhattan’s west side strand on a gorgeous clear day, trees in blossom, blue sky – when suddenly an equipment malfunction sent me parallel to the pavement, a would be concrete hardness index examiner…. blood, shock, that … Continue reading

Consciousness, David Lynch & Co.

… thinking about consciousness after jungle journeys and the return to New York city. I watch so little TV, several minutes of the Shell Houston Open golf tournament on TV today was one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen. The New York Post says Tiger Woods’ porno sweethearts will bare all, and man are … Continue reading

Bezos finds Apollo 11 Engines

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has located exaactly what I’ve been looking for, he and his team of aquatic experts have found the F-1 booster rockets that propelled Neil Armstrong’s 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The rockets were discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Cape Kennedy, Florida. “I’m excited to report that, using … Continue reading

In the Jungle Praising my Wife

Six weeks in the jungle. It’s time to express how impressed I am with the unbroken determination and malleable intelligence of Artist Catherine Chalmers – who has been working on her ANT WORKS videos and stills through heat, bugs, wars and all that nature can throw at her. Full disclosure, Catherine is my wife and … Continue reading

The Edge of Darkness

Hiked yesterday in one of the most primal places I’ve ever been. My friend Antonio, who grew up here, guided. Our trail ran off a ridge down into and along a dark stream bed lined with creature’s caves, in the primary forest that divides the raw Pacific and the higher land. So friggin’ snaky, we … Continue reading